Murphy Station

The Story

The year is 1950, and Murphy Station is a rural American byway strung out along three hundred yards of U.S. 319 in southern Georgia. Its main attractions are two country stores, two Baptist churches, and a graveyard. In Murphy Station, steam locomotives still run the rails, sex is never mentioned in public, and religion is at the core of the community. From what David hears, the biggest threats to America are communism and racial integration. He accepts that message because he has never heard anything different.

Through his elementary school years David runs the gamut of boyhood experiences from mock battles in the woods to tentative explorations with girls in the first flush of puberty. He also learns the social rules of the American apartheid. African-Americans, Negroes at the time, were said to be uneducated and unmotivated. David notices that that is not a universal truth and comes to realize that a number of things he has been taught about the need for segregation are not true.

By the late 1950's, the civil rights movement is challenging the entire social code of the American South. In 1960, David watches President John Kennedy's inaugural address on a school television. He is captured by the young president's charisma, and understands the banners of Camelot to read, help the poor, lift the fallen, free the oppressed. Through his high school years David pays little attention to social issues, but when he goes away to college experiences confirm that the days of "blacks in back" are over.

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In 1969 David goes to Vietnam where he learns the limits of idealism. He returns to Murphy Station in 1970 with the ability to look back on his earlier years and reflect on the many changes that have occurred in the last two decades. Murphy Station is the story of those changes. The rolex replica book is sometimes amusing, sometimes not; sometimes poignant, sometimes not. It is sometimes tragic, as well; yet it is a story that will resonate with any one who has had to face old ways turning to new.

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