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Once a Warrior King

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“…Donovan describes in poignant detail the day-to-day brutalities of guerrilla warfare, the adrenalin rush of ambush missions, and the demoralizing effects of widespread corruption… One of the best books to come out of breitling replica the Vietnam experience—combines a striking sense of immediacy with an intelligence and integrity lacking in most other accounts of the war.”

“A recommended work, combining an effective descriptive style, an unusual venue and considerable candor.”
Library Journal

“Small patrols, slashing combat missions, and night ambushes animate this gripping account of an idealistic U. S. Army first lieutenant’s leading a five-man team in securing a rural area on the Mekong Delta in 1969.”
Kirkus Reviews

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“…an engrossing memoir…that casts light far beyond the small corner of the Mekong Delta the author so meticulously describes.” “(Donovan’s) memoir...provides valuable documentation on a relative obscure part of the American military effort—it describes how the war really worked on the front line of “Vietnamization,” the training of local militia.”
New York Times

“Donovan lived with (the Vietnamese), fought with them, laughed with them, and got to like them. His book is…long on the human touch.” “His book is sensitive…moved me deeply…”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“…a welcome addition to the books on Vietnam…” “Ill equipped and isolated from other American units, (Donovan’s) ragtag group of local militia operated in a surreal world where death and wounds were all too real. “…an honest and heartfelt attempt to convey the Vietnam experience.”
Denver Post

“Donovan’s book vividly re-creates the suspense of night ambushes and the high-pitched emotions of surprise attacks and man-to-man warfare in the swamps and jungles of the Delta. It also shows how Donovan became involved with the lives of the civilians of Tram Chim in a role beyond that of military advisor.” “…an exciting read…a delightful insight into a bit of an American hero.”
Virginia Pilot and Ledger Star

“An accurate and absorbing account…A very different experience from most Americans in Indo-China.”
U. S. News and World Report

“…the moving memoir of 1st Lt. David Donovan…splendidly written.”

“David Donovan’s haunting personal reminiscence about Vietnam qualifies as my “book of the year.”
The American Spectator


Once a Warrior King is rated five stars out of five on both the Amazon and the Barnes & Noble websites. The posted reviews support those ratings.

“…an excellent description of the warfare of the period and operations in a remote area of Vietnam.

“Fear, anxiety, exhaustion, isolation, and confusion blended into an environment that this book describes like none that I have read.”

“This is absolutely the best first hand account of the Vietnam War. Very well written detailed, and introspective.”

“Absolutely the best personal history of the Vietnam War I’ve ever read. Should be required reading.”

“Well worth the reading if you want to study leadership and teamwork in a high stress environment.”

“This book is a must read for anyone interested in the Viet Nam war as it really happened.”

“Among soldiers of the close-knit special operations community at Fort Bragg, NC, this book is considered a classic. One of the best personal memoirs of wartime experiences which has been written.”

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