“I have been at work on several ideas.  Ideas can become published manuscripts or nothing at all depending on the times, the topics, or the writer’s muse. 

The Big Silence.  In 1921 in a rural county in south Georgia, a young boy falls in love with a young girl who lives on adjacent farm.  The young girl becomes the victim of a horrible and murder.  A black man is caught, charged with the crime, and found guilty after a trial.  One problem is that the young boy has seen something that challenges the guilty verdict; the other is that local passions are so enraged at the idea of a black man raping a white girl that a mob descends on the local courthouse, takes the black man from the sheriff deputies, chains him to a pine stump, and burns him to hublot replica death.  All the while the young white boy wonders who he can tell or whether he should tell at all. 

A Surprising Light.  A big city prostitute who becomes ill while on a trip with her john gets dumped on a rural byway.  She is rescued by a local farmer and his salty old father, but she is not a happy camper out on the farm.  Humor and pathos combine in a story with dark corners and a surprising light.

Gungu Seed is the story of an American scientist in Africa for a research project. He stumbles upon a folk medicine that converts normal human cells into embryonic stem cells that can be manipulated to cure a multitude of diseases. A French mercenary is hired by the North Koreans to get medicine, which puts the American scientist in danger.  Out in a remote area of the Congo basin, the scientist enlists the aid of an attractive, female, American aid worker to help him escape the mercenary and his thugs.  Treachery abounds as the scientist and the aid worker struggle to reach the safety of the American embassy in country’s capital city.”

Copyright © 2008-2013. David Donovan. All rights reserved.

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